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Company of Heroes France

2013.07.10 - Mise à jour

Release Date: 07/10/2013





  • Fixed various issues causing game crash.
  • Fixed desktop icon to match new Steam icons.
  • Detect AMD graphics driver versions better.
  • Game avoids crash on older NVIDIA Optimus drivers.
  • Fixed FX ripples on Tiger Tank.
  • Improved water ripples.
  • Adjusted logic behind Lag/Vote Kick option being presented.
  • Added News Ticker to display planned server downtime.
  • Added popup to display “Waiting for Match Results” when waiting for match results when game ends. The appropriate Victory or Defeat screen will then appear.
  • Hide the difficulty in multiplayer save games as it does not apply.
  • Changes to the help text of Commander abilities Relief Infantry and Rapid Conscription.
  • Updated the requirements text of some units and abilities.
  • Added Twitch chat button to lobby.
  • Show Progress bar on unselected buildings.
  • Show a progress bar when planting a trip wire flare.
  • Improved Tactical Map display times.
  • Fix game in Vista running in Compatibility Mode having no cursors.
  • Fix Windows DPI scaling affecting the game in fullscreen and causing UI issues by making the game DPI aware so Windows doesn’t scale it.
  • Halftracks now "Taxi" Squads to the Unload point. Clicking the unload button should eject everyone in the Halftrack. Clicking the Shield Icon of the Squad inside the halftrack then the button should taxi the squad to that location.
  • Audio - Fixed Issue with vehicle surface loops Preventing Non-English players from using High Quality Audio settings.


Campaign & Theater of War

  • Mission 1: Fixed crash at Stalingrad Railstation relating to destroying the Panzer IV.
  • Mission 1: Fixed crash that had a chance to occur if the player completed the bonus objective after the last defending conscript died.
  • Mission 3: Fixed crash that occurs if a player dies while the new AI goal is being assigned.
  • Mission 3: Various crash fixes.
  • Mission 5: Fixed error when securing bridge territories.
  • Mission 6: Fixed Invulnerable Conscript Bug.
  • Mission 6: Fixed rare bug when failing the defense objective.
  • Mission 6: Fixed HQ blocker.
  • Mission 8: Rare error that could prevent the game from progressing.
  • Mission 10: Fixed error with demolitions pioneers.
  • Various: Fixed howitzer retreat bug.
  • Fixed AI enemies being unable to use the Panzerfaust ability.
  • Fixed error on Officer Assassination relating to Soviet bombing run.
  • Fixed bugs in various ToW missions.



  • Repair ability now allows AI to properly detect destroyed bridges to repair.
  • AI now only tries to pick up items it is able to.
  • Fixed an issue where the AI would not purchase the Axis G43 rifle upgrade.
  • AI now properly tracks chance of avoiding explosions when multiple events arrive for the same explosion.
  • AI shouldn't give up on capturing to retreat back to base to construct if it is already in the territory to capture.
  • AI no longer retreats due to cold when in combat.
  • AI abilities targeting friendly units can now run when a squad is outside the objective leash and in ability range of the friendly target.
  • AI coordinated move phase now uses setup locations as destinations instead of objective target like coordinated attack arrival phase to prevent path finding oscillations when switching between the two phases.
  • AI attack objective now properly recognizes squads capturing a point as not being idle and triggers the switch from the move stage to the engaged stage.
  • AI leader task no longer overrides the destinations of the follower tasks screwing up the coordinated attack arrival phase of objectives.



Adjusted the risk vs. reward aspect of unit garrisons within vehicles.

50% chance for each entity inside halftrack to die when the garrisoned vehicle dies.



Soviet M3A1 Halftrack

  • Damage from 9.9 to 10
  • Far accuracy from 0.37 to 0.2
  • Near cooldown duration modifier from 0.5 to 0.6

To better compensate for the larger squad sizes of the Soviet weapons teams, the following changes were made:

Soviet Weapon Teams

  • Soviet PM41 82mm Mortar Barrage shoots slower: 2 to 3.575 seconds.
  • Maxim HMG deals less damage: 12.9 to 9.5.
  • Maxim HMG setups slower: 1.375 to 1.5125 seconds.
  • Soviet HM-120mm Mortar shoots slower: 7 to 8.9 seconds.
  • Soviet HM-120mm Barrage shoots slower: 2.5 to 5.175 seconds.



German 222 Scout Car

  • Damage from 7.2 to 5
  • Accuracy far from 0.125 to 0.2
  • Rate of fire from 12 to 18
  • Far cooldown duration modifier from 1.2 to 1

To better compensate for the larger squad sizes of the Soviet weapons teams, the following changes were made:

German Weapon Teams

  • German Granatewerfer 81mm mortar shoots faster: 4.5 to 2.4 seconds.
  • German HMGs, Mortars and AT Guns have 4 entities instead of 3.

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