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Company of Heroes France

2013.06.20 - Beta Update 10

Release Date: 06/20/2013





  • Getting a squad weapon while using an accessory weapon will now switch to the squad weapon when finished
  • Dispatch not counting as 'building' a unit for intel bulletins
  • Fixed squad inside a building doesn't obey attack order to attack a specific enemy squad
  • User can now use mini map to dispatch units from the Commander Bar
  • Shock Troops no longer lose any Picked up Weapons when the Squad is upgrade with PPSh-41 Sub Machine Guns
  • The player now has to build the SU76 as well as all other tank types in order to gain the "[filtered]e of life" achievement
  • Fixed german flame saturation ability
  • Concrete Piercing Round Hotkeychanged
  • Removing team weapon crew sight radius when abandoning the team weapon
  • Adding Tool Tip for pop costs to the dispatch units
  • Fixed a selection issue with resource and victory points in the world. They are smaller now and it's easier to move troops around the points
  • Fixing t-70's self repair ability

Skirmish AI

  • AIObjectives properly check current leash length before updating leash lengths and forcing a replan
  • AIConstruction tasks give up when squads reach 51% health instead of 30% health
  • AI now properly checks if a point is valid for capture and doesn't ignore points it owns that are being reverted
  • Removed task targets from AI tasks because nothing used them
  • When AI is looking for enemy squad clumps to attack, it will now fallback to clumps near squad if there are no clumps in the objective area
  • When targeting clumps of squads, the AI now only targets clumps containing at least one stationary squad, and it targets the squad closest the centre instead of the clump centre
  • Squads wanting to fallback due to cold will no longer count toward objective fallback
  • AI stats system updates military points on the same frame it adds them so we no longer have new military points being invalid for one frame
  • AI properly detects observation posts as valid military points
  • Switch almost all AI code to use average combat ratings instead of instantaneous combat ratings to improve stability
  • When searching for heat sources squads will now also check for heat sources nearby if they cannot find any nearby heat sources within combat range of their targets
  • Cleaned up code for determining if AI squads have good targets so we can check if they currently have a good target or are assigned a good target
  • Skirmish AI properly reserves resources and no longer accidentally buys cheap things.
  • Skirmish AI builds less observation posts
  • Skirmish AI no longer counts team weapon squads when determining if it needs more squads for capturing.
  • Skirmish AI now tries to clump its squads together to attack the same target, and prefers to keep squads attacking targets near each other in general
  • Skirmish AI now tries harder to prevent reassigning squads to different objectives
  • Skirmish AI now scores objective targets based on how close the squads it needs are to the target
  • Skirmish AI will now depending on AI difficulty level evaluate multiple objective targets for the best score before picking one

AI Updates

  • AI coordinated move phase now uses setup locations as destinations instead of objective target like coordinated attack arrival phase to prevent path finding oscillations when switching between the two phases
  • AI attack objective now properly recognizes squads capturing a point as not being idle and triggers the switch from the move stage to the engaged stage
  • AI leader task no longer overrides the destinations of the follower tasks screwing up the coordinated attack arrival phase of objectives
  • AI leader and follower tasks now have internal timers to reduce oscillation between move and idle states
  • Tweaked AI difficulty settings
  • Expert AI now gets more resource bonus.
  • Easy and Standard AI now captures less of the map


Anti-tank Mine :

  • Reduced the time to plant the mine from 12 to 6 seconds
  • Changed the ability to allow it to be targeted in the fog of war
  • Removed the cooldown

Veterancy Change :

  • Rates changed from 50%/50% (Damage applied / received damage) to 75%/25%

Anti-Tank grenades and Panzerfaust :

  • Range reduced from 20 to 15


  • Fixed ghosting in Twitch capturing
  • Added default cursor to Twitch
  • Added dynamic cursors to Twitch
  • Truncate twitch stream title if too long
  • Fixed access of deconstructed stack variable
  • Fixed garbled Twitch video capturing on AMD machines
  • Log Twitch chat errors to the chat log
  • Fixed spelling mistake on Rzhed (Spring) description
  • Fixed translation issues in non-English languages


  • Connectivity fixes
  • Change multicore check to be non-fatal. Force number of created threads to minimum of 2
  • Dedreased sync errors
  • Improved server connectivity
  • Improved error messaging for steam connection issues
  • Crash fixes
  • Fix autodetect for the first time always giving out low settings
  • Fix autodetect giving high settings always if the performance test fails
  • Made cursors in vista larger (48x48 which is the maximum supported by vista)
  • Addressed some audio and video bugs
  • Added cancel button to compatiblity mode dialog, remode time delayed warning for compatibility mode and make it always warn the user
  • Turn off mouse cursor trails and shadows in fullscreen mode to avoid invisible cursors in some systems
  • Gramatically better error message for compatibility mode
  • Updated some localization

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