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Company of Heroes France

2013.06.04 - Beta Update 1

Release Date: 06/04/2013




Bug Fixes

  • adding tracking for rare peer to peer error
  • optimization: game won't slow down after numerous explosions have damaged the terrain
  • optimization: speed up terrain rebuilding for higher frame rates when the camera moves
  • fix dead entities not snapping to ground when dying on bridges
  • prevent enemy buildings from appearing as holes in the ground when FoW was active
  • improve hang detection to reduce number of times the game crashed itself thinking it was hung
  • fix a bug where projectiles would never hit a dropped mg42
  • fix post game stat screen showing wrong info on save/load
  • add OEM8 for mapping English physical key locations to French
  • add new Commander Dispatch feature
  • update performance test to feature snow
  • most barrage abilities now target positions instead of squads/entities
  • fix guard troops reinforcing for free
  • catch networking problems when a user has trouble connecting to many users in a short period of time
  • reduce pak43 and howitzer requirements
  • normal mortar can now be deployed when you get the 120mm
  • commander tank and officer limited to one
  • 120mm mortar changed from 480 to 360 from free
  • fix for quad50 audio in the distance
  • fix ISU 152 having two abilities with the T hotkey
  • add hotkey for transfer orders
  • fix M shortcut for tellermine
  • fix bug where playing a tutorial of watching a replay to completion would prevent the player from playing online
  • fix subtitle overlap in tutorial

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