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[Actu][Nouvelle] Winter Balance Preview Mod - Version 1.3

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Mise à jour du Winter Balance Preview Mod en version 1.3.

Version 1.3 Changes

Generalist Medium Tanks

In order to make generalist medium tanks more viable in the current meta, their durability is being increased by lowering their target size, making them more difficult to hit.

These changes should reduce the chance to get hit by 7-10% on medium to far range - ex: an 88% chance to get hit becomes an 80% chance.

The changes will not apply to Tank Destroyers and specialist vehicles based on a medium tank chassis. Units like the Sherman Firefly and Sherman 105mm will remain the same due to their role.

Panzer IV, Panzer IV Command Tank, and Panzer IV J

  • Target size from 22 to 20

Sherman M4A3, Sherman M4A3 (76), Sherman M4A3E8

  • Target size from 23 to 21

T34/76 and T34/85

  • Target size from 22 to 20


Because of the above changes, the Cromwell is losing its target size advantage over other medium tanks. This is being compensated with a boost to its MGs to allow the tank to better combat infantry.

  • MG cooldown duration from 2/3 to 2/2.5
  • MG far cooldown from 1.5 to 1
  • MG mid cooldown from 1 to 0.85
  • MG far accuracy from 0.35 to 0.4
  • MG mid accuracy from 0.55 to 0.575


M36 Jackson

In order to make the Jackson more vulnerable to medium tanks when caught out of position, its armor has be decreased.

  • Armor from 130 to 110


Similar to the IS-2 and the Tiger, the Pershing will receive a small adjustment to its near AOE damage, reducing the likelyhood that it will kill multiple infantry models with a single shot.

  • AOE damage near from 1/0.4/0.175 to 0.75/0.4/0.175
  • AOE distance from 0.25/1.5/3.25 to 0/1/3.25



Due to new changes, we are removing the reduced reinforce cost on Grenadiers. See Heavy Panzer Korps changes below for more details.

  • Reinforcement cost from 28 to 30

Tigers (All Variants)

The Tiger got quite a few adjustments that were deemed necessary to remove some of its somewhat oppressive performance. To compensate, we are granting the Tiger a bonus to its turret traverse speed at veterancy 2, something it lacked due to its previous scatter bonus which has now been removed.

  • Veterancy 2 now adds +30% turret traverse speed

Heavy Panzer Korps

In an attempt to increase the power of Ostheer's late game without increasing the power of its units, we are giving the structure a passive bonus for the army. This will reward players for teching to T4 and allow Ostheer to be more aggressive by reducing the bleed on core infantry units. The increased capture speed should also allow Ostheer players to retake sections of the map more quickly in the late game.

  • Now provides reduces the reinforce cost of Pioneers, Grenadiers, and Osttruppen by 2
  • Reduces the reinforce cost of all team weapons by 10%
  • Increases the capture and decapture rate of all Ostheer infantry units by 25%


Command Tiger

The Tiger got quite a few adjustments that were deemed necessary to remove some of its somewhat oppressive performance. To compensate, we are granting the Tiger a bonus to its turret traverse speed at veterancy 2, something it lacked due to its previous scatter bonus which has now been removed.

To make up for the removal of the Panzer Commander upgrade, we are removing one of the penalties of the 'Command Tiger' ability to encourage the use of this ability.

  • Veterancy 2 now adds +30% turret traverse speed
  • Command Tiger accuracy penalty during 'Command Tiger'ability removed


The increased range to AT Grenades from veterancy 2 made it too difficult to kite against Panzerfusiliers and gave them too much range against most vehicles when combined with their 5 to 6 man squad. This is being addressed. Furthermore, units will now callout Panzerfusilier grenades that are being thrown.

  • Veterancy 2 AT Grenade range boost removed
  • Fixed an issue where Panzerfusilier Grenades did not have a callout/warning when thrown.


Due to all the recent changes to all heavy tanks, the previously established restriction of mutual exclusion with the Tiger II has been removed.

  • Can now be called in if the Tiger II has already been deployed (or vice versa)


The overhauled Infrared Searchlight Halftrack is getting slightly more sight range to make it easier and less vulnerable to use on the front line.

  • Sight range when set-up from 70 to 80



In order to slightly reduce strength of the Mobilize Reserve upgrade, the reinforcement reduction has been slightly lowered.

  • Mobilize Reserve reinforce reduction from 3 to 2; changes reinforce cost from 17 to 18

Source : https://community.companyofheroes.com/discussion/comment/287540#Comment_287540

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